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Nicki Moss

Keller Williams® Realty
10936 Manchester Road
Kirkwood, MO 63122
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When the time comes for you to sell your home we will discuss all the options available to you. If you have ever considered selling your home by yourself FSBO (For Sale By Owner) think again! It takes time and energy and money to sell a home and there are many steps to take in order to get your home ready to sell. You should always have representation when selling because negotiating a deal can be complicated. Using an agent helps free up your personal time to do things you want to do. As your agent I will be holding your home open, I will be advertising your home, and I will handle all inquires about your home and sorting through those for you.

In order to hire me as your Selling Agent we will need to discuss the Listing Contract in great detail. Our first inital meeting will be in my office so that I can begin to understand your needs, wants, and timeframe to get your home sold. I will run a Comparative Market Analysis(CMA) on your home and the homes surrounding it. This is a good way to see what the competition is offering, what has recently sold and what expired in your area. I will "preview" homes that are currently on the market before viewing your home. Our second meeting will be a few days later and will take place in your home, this will give me a good chance to look around the home and make suggestions on any improvements that can be made and to determine price. I will definately be pointing things out to you along the way so be sure to mention upgrades you have made to your home, special features and points of interest.

The most important aspect of selling your home is to "price it right." We will go through the CMA to help determine the right price for your home too. Remember that economical factors are always taken in to consideration at this point. I am sure that you will have a price in mind for your home, which we will discuss, but pricing a home too high will have an adverse affect and it may sit on the market for months. Buyers always look at "days on the market" and they may think there is something wrong with the home if it has been sitting too long. So when we price the home we will price it to sell!!

There are a few steps we will take to get your home in showing condition.

Step 1:
Getting your home ready to show. As I mentioned before I will be walking through the home and pointing out things that need to be fixed, painted, removed, and so on. A home always shows better when the paint has been touched up, carpets have been cleaned and clutter has been removed. Some clients may decide to have the home inpected first before it goes on the market. This is not a bad idea, it will allow you to address any problems and repair them. If you are in an areas that requires a Municial Inspection I encourage having that done first too. Also as the seller you are required to have a Gas Inspection done too, this can be done before a contract is put on the house or afterwards, either way it has to be done.

Step 2:
A "For Sale" sign will be placed in your front yard and the home will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Your home will be "featured" on over 300 websites that Keller Williams® Realty is linked to. I will also prepare a mailing about your home to top agents at other companies and I will send out a "Just Listed" postcard within the areas.

Step 3:
Your home is now ready to show to prospective buyers: therefore, I will hold an Agent Open House of the first Tuesday after we have listed the home. This is a great opportunity for agents to walk through the home to preview it for their clients. After the Tuesday Open House your home will then be available for showings, which will be handled through my office per your instructions. The following Sunday your home will be open to the public. Again, a great opportunity for prospective buyers to come through and look too.

Now comes the fun part...receiving an offer!

It's important to understand each offer that is presented to you. As your agent I will be presenting all offers to you regardless of price. All offers are in writing and signed by all parties involved including the Buyer's agent and myself. The buyers will offer a certain amount of Earnest money (a down payment for the home). They will request a closing date that best suits their schedule; this can be changed to suit your schedule too. They will outline any contingencies to the contract, i.e. selling their home first, financing, or inspection. We will discuss all of these to determine if you would like to accept the offer or counter it. If you counter the offer you are free to change the price you are willing to sell the home for, the closing date, and any other contingencies. If you accept the offer all the papers are signed and the offer becomes a contract between you and the buyers.

Now the buyer has to step up to the plate and order their inspection, make sure their financing is being processed and purchase home owners insurance. There is normally a 10-15 day timeframe allocated. After the inspection takes place the buyers will inform us of any repairs they wish to be completed, or they may ask for a monetary settlement in lieu of repairs. You now have 10-15 days to respond to the buyers request. At this point you can reject their request, let them know what you will and will not fix or you can fix what they ask for. The buyers then have the opportunity to do the same. At this point they can walk away from the home if you do not comply fully with their requests.

Once you have come to an agreement and all inspections are completed and all repairs have been made the buyers will be allowed to have a final walk through to "examine" the home before the closing. This is usually done the day before closing. Should any problems arise it gives you time to fix these problems or offer some form of monetary settlement instead. Both your lender and I will attend you closing. Your lender will walk you through the final closing statement or settlement statement. Once that is complete your home will be SOLD!

If you are interested in having me contact you about selling your home, please go to my Contact page and fill out the form. I look forward to being of service to you.

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