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For Sale by Owner Help Kit

As I mentioned earlier, it really is better to have an agent, like myself, to help market and sell your home. However if you decide to try it yourself here is some information you will need.

These recommendations result from my experience helping owners sell and move. I offer it to you based on my Core Value of "Get by Giving." Studies show that more than 7 out of 10 owners eventually choose a agent to help them sell, or to help their buyer sell.

I figure if I give you something of value, you may REMEMBER ME WHEN THE TIME COMES FOR YOU OR YOUR BUYER TO USE MY SERVICES.

So please, read this information through so that you can get your home ready to sell. If at the end of reading this you decide you would like ME to sell your home, please fill out the form on my Contact page and I will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you.


  • Make sure your Seller’s disclosure is completed
  • Make sure you have an Escrow account set up
  • Use a legal purchase/sale agreement
  • Pull all permits for your home
  • Follow all rules for signage and marketing
  • Make clear in writing what is and is not included in the sale
  • Have survey done – your title company can help you with this
  • Maintain consistent/regular communication with all parties involved
  • Avoid discrimination
  • Make an inspection mandatory
  • Invest in a home warranty, this is a great selling point!
  • Document all communication in writing – very important!
  • Hire an attorney who specializes in real estate
  • Keep all documents
  • And if all of that seems like too much.... Hire me to do the work for you!

Preparing Your Home For Showing And Sale

  • Set the asking price comparable to similar homes in your area which have sold recently.
  • Secure all necessary legal documents and use them to protect yourself from fraud.
  • Both the purchaser and lender will require satisfactory proof that you have a good title to the property.
  • Buyers and lenders will want a satisfactory survey including all easements, rights of way and encroachments.
  • Have current tax information available.
  • Have all utility bills available.
  • Have information about your insulation type and thickness available
  • Have all warranties on roof and appliances available.
  • Check your property with a critical eye. Buyers will look for faults which could cost them money to remedy.
  • Clean up, fix up and paint. You have only one chance to make a good first impression, so lavish time, money and energy on curb appeal.
  • Rearrange the furniture to create the most open space. If you have “too much” furniture remove some and store it. Six very important words: no clutter, no clutter, no clutter!
  • Keep the house immaculate at all times, since showings are not scheduled events. Remember that you are competing against professionally decorated builder’s model homes. Pay particular attention to the bathrooms and the kitchen.
  • In the bathrooms, towels should be fresh and clean, sinks and baths scrubbed, and the floor freshly cleaned. In the kitchen, make sure all dishes are put away and countertops and sinks cleaned.
  • Turn off the TV. Soft music on the radio. Build a fire in the fireplace. Open the shades and turn on the lights. Check the thermostat to make sure that the house is at a comfortable temperature.
  • Keep children and pets out of the way during showings.
  • Get every buyer’s name and phone number for follow up. Almost no one buys a home on the first visit.
  • Open every window covering. All drapes, curtains and blinds should be positioned to let in maximum light. Buyers like a house to be "light and bright," so accommodate them! Turn on as many lights as possible.
  • Make sure the house smells good. Baking cookies, often recommended, may be overdoing it, but pet odors, smoke, or greasy cooking odors definitely will not work! Air out the house just before the scheduled showing, but close the windows (unless it is a perfect day) before they arrive.
  • Make sure Fact Sheets are available and easily accessible. (The dining room table is an ideal place for them).
  • If you are using an Agent, leave. If you are selling on your own, of course, you don't have this luxury. If this is the case, be as helpful as you can but don't crowd the buyers.
  • And again if all of this is too much, please contact me to sell your home for you!

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