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My Role as your "Buyer's Agent"
Since the Internet has completely taken over most of our lives, including looking for a home, hiring a Real Estate agent is sometimes the best decision you can make. Not only do I have first hand knowledge of what is available on the market, I can usually find out what is about to come on the market and put the feelers out within our offices to let other agents know of your wants and needs. Just remember, I will be there to walk you through each step.

In order to hire me as your Buyers's Agent we will need to discuss the Buyer's Agency Agreement. This agreement is a legal contract, simply stating that you are hiring me as your agent. My job is to act in your best interest at all times. Negotiating a deal can be complicated and there are many things that will need to be discussed. Therefore, it is important that you let me know how you wish to communicate with me and how often. Together we will set realistic goals and timeframes in order to find you a new home. If you are unhappy at any time you can terminate our agreement.

As a Buyer's Agent you do not pay me for my services, the sellers of the home pay me. If you should decide to purchase a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home I will inform the sellers that I am your agent to see if they will be willing to pay my commission since I am bringing them a buyer. Should they decline I may turn to you and ask if you would pay that commission instead. This rarely happens but it is something you should know about.

There are a few steps we will take to begin finding you the "home of your dreams."

Step 1:
We will meet to discuss your needs. The process will go a lot smoother when you become familiar with the market and narrow down your wants and needs before you start looking at houses. At this point we will get you pre-qualified to purchase a new home. This basically means putting you in touch with a qualified lender to determine the price of the home you can afford. I will recommend up to three lenders for you to choose from, if you do not have your own, one being our in house mortgage company, Alliance Lending Group. Once you are pre-approved we are ready to move forward.

Step 2:
We will discuss the features and amenities you are looking for in a home. For example, where do you want to live, what location best suits you and your family's needs? What style of home are you looking for (Ranch, 2-Story, or split level)? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Do you need a finished basement, a garage, and how big, 1 car or 2? Are you willing to rehab a home? Do you want something a few years old or new construction? There are so many questions; so I will go over each one for you.

Step 3:
Once we have determined your criteria, I will begin to search the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) for suitable choices for you to view. I will also speak to agents in my office to let them know the type of home you are wanting. Sometimes they know of homes that are coming on the market that are not yet listed. When we go and look at homes, it is very important to keep notes of each home. When you are looking at a number of homes in one day it becomes a little overwhelming, so its best to split the homes over the course of two days.

Step 4:
Once you have found a home you like, you need to be specific about how much to offer for the home. I will run a comparative market analysis (CMA) which will allow us to look at other homes currently on the market, homes that have sold recently and even homes that have been withdrawn or have expired. Once we have determined your price point and the amount of Earnest Money (down payment for the home) you are going to pay, we will start to write up the offer. I will walk you through the contract as we do everything. We will determine your closing date, loan approval date (normally two weeks from the date of the contract), the contingencies and when we would like a response back from the Sellers. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

I will then send the contract over to the Sellers agent. The Sellers have a couple of options here: they can counter your offer, which means that they are free to change the price, the closing date and any other contingencies. They can completely reject your offer or they can accept the offer. If they reject the offer we can come back with a new one or we can just find you another home. If they counter the offer we can then counter back until all parties are satisfied with the agreement. Once this has been done and all the papers are signed, the offer becomes a contract between you and the Sellers.

Step 5:
Now comes the Home Inspection and Other Tests (Radon). You have the right to perform an inspection on the home you are purchasing even if it is being sold "as is"(in it's current condition). Depending on the area the home is located in a Municipal Inspection may have already been carried out by the Sellers so that you can obtain an occupancy permit for the home, if not one will be done. Inspections are normally done within a 10-15 day time period. I will then inform the sellers of the repairs you wish to be completed on the home. You may also ask for money in lieu of repairs, if you do this we will need to be in close contact with your lender to discuss the options available to you.

Step 6:
Once all inspections are completed and all repairs have been made you will have a final walk through to "examine" the home before you close. This is usually done the day before closing. Should any problems arise it gives the sellers time to fix these problems or offer some form of monetary settlement instead.

Step 7:
Both your lender and I will attend your closing. Your lender will walk you through the final closing statement or settlement statement. Once that is completed you will be the proud owner of a new home!

If you are interested in having me contact you about buying a home, please go to my Contact page and fill out the form. I look forward to being of service to you.

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